Nov 16, 1978

Field Museum offers a series of ‘armchair expeditions’

The Field Museum of Natural History has inaugurated a new series of “armchair expeditions” for groups of intellectually adventurous adults. These expeditions combine slide presentations, tours of permanent and special exhibits, and a chance to dine together at the museum.

Expeditions may now be arranged by advanced booking to explore the life and culture of ancient Egypt; the lifestyles of the Indian tribes inhabiting the great plains of America; and the evolution of weaving around the world from a craft to a high art form.

Each expedition is launched from a staging area where a slide presentation is given by an expert. Many of the slides used in the presentations are from Field Museum collections and have never before been seen by the public.

From the staging area, local guIdes will lead parties on an exploration of the exhibit halls related to the selected expedition. Each expedition takes about an hour and a half.

Group expeditions may also be arranged to tour special exhibits such as Rails of the World, now through January, featuring 42 magnificent watercolors from the Smithsonian Institution representing the Rallidae, a family of littoral birds that are among the least known of any species. Beginning Feb. 15 and continuing through June 15 is an exhibit on Feather Arts of various cultures through. out the world, produced for worship, decor, jewelry, and for everyday implements.

Dining service is available and includes meals; afternoon tea, or wine and cheese buffets.

For further information, call X-0733.XX